Thank you for checking out my guest book at J&S Boxers. If you’re not a Boxer owner yet, Boxers are the best breed–just read what my friends and customers say about their pets. — Jeff


    I got my girl from Jeff in 2011, she has grown into a beautiful 70# bitch with the greatest personality and temperament. I would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from him. It is clear that he cares very deeply for his dogs. It’s an honor to have my “Jamo” as part of our family, we can’t imagine life without her.

    You can tell Jeff truly cares about his dogs and his customers. He was always available to answer questions, kept us updated, and was patient as we waited on the exact pup we wanted. When the time came to get our dog, he had to be flown across the country during the holidays with airport problems to top it off. Jeff and his puppy nannies when to every effort to make it happen. They tried for over two weeks to get on a flight while Jeff took care of our pup which meant extra training. We got an awesome dog hand delivered at the airport, couldn’t be happier.

    Our puppy Penelope is now 16 weeks old and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to go through J & S Boxers. Jeff made the process so easy and fun. I loved that he was always there to answer any questions or concerns and took the time to talk to us over the phone where others only wanted to email. He truly cares about his dogs and puppies and it shows. He still stays in touch to check up on her 🙂 Penelope is a wonderful and healthy puppy and a fantastic addition to our family.

    Chris and I found Jeff’s JSBoxers site on the internet when we were thinking about bringing home a Boxer puppy. We picked out our little boy and impatiently waited each week to see the new pictures of our baby posted, we even visited a few weeks before the coming-home day. By the time we picked up our puppy, we had named him ‘Brutus’. Brutus is wonderful. He has two older dog companions at home and is best friends with our female and trying hard with our male. We are doing our best to give them all lots o’ loving. He is a fantastic puppy and is growing into a strong, funny, clever dog. I am so enjoying watching this amazing dog grow and learn. Of course he is the most beautiful puppy ever. Anyway, thank you, Jeff, we love our puppy Brutus!

    When we decided to get our first puppy we knew that we wanted a boxer. After doing a little researching we stumbled across JSBoxer’s website. After speaking to Jeff over the phone it was apparent that we found the right breeder. Jeff knows his stuff when it comes to boxers. He was prompt in responding to all calls and emails, answering any question that we had-which given that Luce would be our first boxer puppy was quite calming. We were provided with ample photos for us to choose our girl from, once we picked little Lucy out we were excited to visit her. Once we went to visit it was clear how much Jeff really cares for his pups. We’re already considering purchasing another pup from JSBoxers when we’re ready for our second fur baby! Thank you Jeff! 🙂

    If you’re looking to take home a quality pup contact JSBoxers, you won’t be disappointed!

    We got our new puppy Sadie from Jeff on September 22. She is a wonderful puppy, and learning very fast. We are so thankful to Jeff for all of his knowledge, experience and loving care he puts into his boxers. Would highly recommend J&S.

    We got brutus a few weeks ago he is becoming a fine man he listens well and learns fast glad to have a great puppy

    We just picked up our puppy Major on the 23rd of September. He is a wonderful little guy. Learning really fast. Already goes to the door when he has to go out side. He just turned 12weeks old on the 18th of October. We had a really good experience with buying our puppy from Jeff at J&S Boxers. Wouldn’t think twice about purchasing another boxer in the future.

    We just brought home our new boxer “Phoebe”
    From JSBoxers the end of Sept, and she is fitting in soo
    Great with our family!! She has also given our older
    Boxer “Tootsie” a new zest for life ???? It’s soo fun watching them play and Tootsie is a great teacher.
    Phoebe is a beautiful fawn girl with a cute black mask.
    She is a silly, playful, loving puppy that makes us laugh every day. Jeff was great to work with and always answered my texts and calls right away. He was so good at updating current photos and also sending extras
    We would recommend JSBoxers to anyone looking for a great family dog ❤
    Thank you

    I would never forget the long drive I had 3 yrs ago to put down our boxer Duque after 13+ yrs with us, one of the most painful days of our lives. After looking and calling so many places which none really convinced me, I gave up looking until my oldest daughter saw Jeff’s site and told me dad you need to see these Boxers how beautiful they are, so we called Jeff a few times and everytime we talked, you can hear it in his voice how much he loves his Boxers and that was all we need it to know. One early Sunday morning Jeff called me to let us know that our boy Cooper was born, he would call and send pictures so we can see how he was doing, at 5 weeks we visited Cooper and we didnt want to leave without him. But after waiting 3 more long weeks we finally bought him home and he has stolen everyones heart. When I took Cooper to his first Vet’s visit not only they loved him but they saw his medical records and told me they were really impressed with how Jeff took care of our Cooper, So Jeff on behalf of Cooper and the Santiago family we want to thank you from the bottom of our Hearts!! Cooper Said Hi and thank you for finding him a nice home. By the way so that everyone understand how much we were please with how Jeff took care of us, we are purchasing our 2nd Boxer soon from J&S. THANK YOU Jeff!!!!!

    Where to start?
    11 years ago we picked up a new member to our family. I carried him home in my arms. How small he was. I didn’t know how he was about to change all of our lives. We named him Dexter. He was ours. Mine, my husbands and my 1 year old sons. As he grew i don’t remember what life was like without him. Everyone around him falling in love with him. He was our protector. Once protecting our family against an intruder. Someone had gained access to our garage trying to make their way into the house. Dexter woke me up, jumped on my son to check on him and without waking him ran to the door before it could be pushed open. Jumpped on it (in boxer style) slamming it shut scarring the would be theifs away. He loved his family. He loved children and not just ours but everyones. While tied up in a neighbors yard during a BBQ he had his eye on the children swimming. A small child in a kiddy pool… being top heavy fell in face first. Before an adult could react Dexter broke free of his chain pulled the child out by the diaper. Licked her face till an adult came. This was our dog. He was amazing. He was our family member. We loved him. Over the years he has always been happy to see us. On our happy days, depressed days. He was my shoulder to laugh on and cry on. When he became sick i promised i would always be there for him. I layed with him every night. I promied him it would be better where he was going. I can never repay him for the years he gave me. He truly was part of our family. Ibwill moss him so much! I could never thank J&S enough for all they do. Without this there would be no him. Thank you! Thank you for my son’s best friend. Thank you for our protector, for our family member. For our Dexter. For years of the best friend we’ve ever had. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
    Dexter’s family

    We got a pup from Jeff this last summer, and we couldn’t be happie! We called and spoke with Jeff about my husbands past allergies with other breeds and he was more than understanding and willing to answer all of our questions, quickly. I have had boxers in the past from other breeders, and after their passing it’s taken me more than 8 years to even consider getting another dog, until we spoke with Jeff. His dogs are family, his love for them is obvious, which was reassuring and comforting since our dogs are family too. We aren’t stopping with just one; our pup needs a sister and we will be getting her from Jeff. I would recommend JS Boxers to anyone who is looking for a boxer puppy from a quality breeder.

    I just purchased a female boxer from Jeff. I am a veterinarian and always research my breeder. I am very particular about the conditions in which they are kept and the knowledge (or lack thereof) that a breeder may have. Jeff is on the ball and breeds a quality product. We love our new girl. I would purchase another pup from Jeff again.
    Thanks for such a cutie!!
    Boxers are the best – now you heard it from the vet!

    I had been looking for a white Boxer pup for close to 2 years with no luck. I wanted a quality breeder that I could trust. I found J & S Boxers simply by googling! However, after finding them, I researched and made sure they were reputable and sold only healthy strong pups. Every conversation with Jeff convinced me that he was the breeder I had been waiting to find and he was well worth the wait! After agreeing to purchase his only white pup, I went for my first visit. I instantly fell in love with my soon to be new puppy! My boyfriend came with and fell in love with the last puppy available for sale too! So now I have two puppy’s and I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you Jeff for providing a quality puppy I will cherish forever!

    I couldn’t get past the loss of my best friend, my beautiful Boxer, Boomer, who lost his battle w cancer, when my family suggested it was time to get a new pup to make our family complete again.
    We searched long and hard for the right breeder through several referrals, and the internet, but it wasn’t until we landed upon Jeff and J&S that we knew we found our baby.
    Jeff was not only knowledgeable about the Boxer breed, he was honest, fair and most important “to me,” he truly LOVES his dogs! It poured out everytime we spoke. Jeff went above and beyond – posting weekly photos, updating our pups progress, always responding within minutes to my MANY calls/texts and sending even more individual photos. When we picked up our “OTIS” and saw what a wonderful, sweet dog Mama Clara was, and witnessed Jeff interacting with the dogs, we knew we made a great decision.
    Otis is a smart, loving beautiful Boxer that turns heads and draws a crowd wherever we go! We will be back to J&S next year to purchase our second pup…..after all, Boxers are like Potato Chips, you cant have just one!
    Thank you Jeff!

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