Thank you for checking out my guest book at J&S Boxers. If you’re not a Boxer owner yet, Boxers are the best breed–just read what my friends and customers say about their pets. — Jeff


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    As experience boxer owners of 16 years, we can’t say enough wonderful things about Jeff/JS Boxers! We just picked up our beloved female boxer pup, Amara and she is just a special little miracle. Prior to picking her up, we were so impressed with Jeff’s knowledge, experience, care and love for the boxer breed and his dogs/pups. He prioritized sharing updated pictures as she grew as well as an abundance of info on his dogs background, temperament and care. We were so impressed with him as a breeder and just a wonderful guy coupled with the exceptional beauty of the dogs he raises, we have already recommended him to our friends! Our family feels so blessed to have one of Jeff’s pups in our family pack! Thanks again so kindly Jeff for your love of the beautiful Boxer! Blessings

    I found J & S Boxers by a long long search for the perfect breeder. I knew instantly that Jeff, founder of JS Boxers was an amazing man and very knowledgeable on the boxer breed. My husband and I our boxer lovers and finding JS Boxers has been a dream. Jeff, took his time explaining his dogs, how the process would work and the best part of all, is watching your puppy grow on social media from afar before getting to take the little one home.

    We are located in Santa Barbara, CA and Frazier (our new little boxer) was hand delivered to us by a professional Dog Nanny that travels with him from start to finish. Knowing that your new little puppy is well taken care of the first day away from their brothers and sisters and their mommy is comforting. Frazier came with a personal blanket and toys! (all brand new) What a nice touch!

    Jeff also answers any questions you may have via text or email. We kept an open communication from start to finish and he always informed us, when vet visit were and how much they all weighed. I couldn’t have asked for a better breeder. Thank you Jeff and JS Boxers! Our little guy is amazing! Did I mentioned he is huge at 12 weeks already weighing in at 30 lbs!

    We went looking for a boxer puppy after the sudden loss of our boy, Spencer. I happened to find Jeff’s website and gave him a call. He had a litter due but all the puppies ahd been reserved, so he gave our information to a friend that had a litter due very shortly. We sent a deposit but unfortunately that litter didn’t produce enough puppies to allow to get the male we had requested. The breeder called me a few weeks later and told me that Jeff had a litter due. She said they had agreed to transfer our deposit to him and we could get a male from his upcoming litter. Jeff let me know as soon as the litter (Emmitt/Hanna) was on the ground. We picked our boy, Dylan, up in Feb. and couldn’t have been happier. Dylan is such a loving, outgoing and confident boy. People comment on how sweet he is where ever we go. Having been a Gordon Setter breeder myself many years ago it was important to me that I work with someone that wasn’t in it just for the money. He really cares about his dogs and the health and temperament of the puppies he produces. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a boxer puppy. We couldn’t be happier with our boy!!

    100% sastified. We bought a female brindle puppy from Jeff (from Hanna and Emmit’so litter) after search online for a quality breeder who treats his dogs like family. We first met Hanna in November while she was carrying the litter. She had such a wonderful disposition; sweet, curious and not one once of aggression. We knew we found the right puppy momma for us. Jeff kept us up to date and we were able to visit our puppy a few times before she was ready to come home. We have an older boxer who was thrilled to meet her new companion when we got to bring Penny home. She is just the best puppy we could have possibly imagined. Sweet, playful, cuddly, trainable, beautiful and she loves every person she meets. We can’t thank Jeff enough for such a fantastic addition to our family. Thank you!

    I bought a Male brindle from J&S about a month ago and I can say hands down that I am completely satisfied with my choice of breeder.

    His temperament is perfect, he learns quick and he is the perfect build. You can tell by his paws that he is going to be massive. I took him for a walk around Lake Calhoun last weekend and I couldn’t even take 3 steps without somebody stopping me to talk about him.

    All in all, I would highly recommend anyone looking for a quality boxer to get one here.

    After a long search we found J&S Boxers online. We contacted Jeff and explained to him our situation with our senior boxer Diesel who was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. We were looking for a new puppy to bring home to help keep him active and join our family. We were very specific in what we were looking for, so we put Jeff’s knowledge of the breed to work. He stayed in close contact with us, always gave updates and finally, what seemed like forever (really it was only 5 months) we were able to bring our new adorable, sweet baby boy home! Bentley
    is from the litter of Diesel and Clara. We got to meet Clara when we picked up Bentley and she was so sweet and such a beautiful girl. We couldn’t be happier with our experience. Thanks to Jeff and all his help our Diesel is playing with toys again and with his new brother! We would definitely recommend J&S Boxers to anyone looking
    for a a great boxer! Thanks Jeff!

    I recently bought a female puppy from Jeff and she is absolutely gorgeous! Jeff was kind enough to meet me halfway to pick her up. When I held her she was very calm and friendly and she was so good on the drive home. Her vet exam was perfect. I will definitely buy another puppy in the future from Jeff. He was also very helpful answering all my questions. I would 100% recommend buying a pup from Jeff.

    I just bought a female from Jeff and she is absolutely gorgeous! Jeff was kind enough to meet me 1/2 way to pick her up. She was very calm and friendly. her vet visit was perfect. Jeff has always took the time to answer all my questions and I will definitely buy another pup from Jeff down the road! I couldn’t be happier with her. I would highly recommend buying a boxer from Jeff if your looking!

    Once a boxer family always a boxer family! As you can read by the many happy J & S Boxer owners many of us lost a boxer in the past and couldn’t be without one and others are first time boxer owners. No matter how we met Jeff the stories are the same. Jeff is very knowledgeable and breeds intelligent, healthy, gentle, and occasionally stubborn beautiful Euro boxers. Jeff raises champion quality boxers in a family environment.
    I was referred to Jeff from a fellow boxer owner I met at the dog park. I was complimenting him on his boxers color. He was a pup of Diesel and Dana’s litter. He could not say enough good things about the quality of J & S Boxer pups so I gave Jeff a call and we talked for almost an hour about his passion for breeding quality boxers and what I was looking for in a pup.
    After what felt like forever our sweet Izzy was born. Jeff sent weekly photos so we could watch her grow. She is from Clara and Diesels litter. If you are looking at past litter pictures on the site she was known as (greenie). So cute right?? The moment we saw her we knew she was meant to be ours. Her mom Clara had a difficult birth so Jeff was bottle feeding them. Yep, one by one. I was able to meet Clara who was so super sweet and such a good mama. We also met Hanna and Russh. They all had a super sweet demeanor and I could tell they were all family raised and well-loved dogs. Izzy rings the bell to go outside, literally gives hugs, and was top of her class at puppy school for how fast she learned her commands. I’m not trying to brag but she is VERY smart. I would highly recommend J & S Boxers to anyone looking for a new boxer puppy.
    Jennifer from Prior Lake

    Gabby is our first boxer after our buddy and great dog Ringo a Rottweiler passed on in August. Since we travel alot a search began for a breed that would allow admittance to most motor coach resorts + camp grounds, we settled on boxers. Ringo was admitted to places most would say no to but he was special and now it was time to find a breeder whom was dedicated to that breed. Intelligence, health, courageous, size, gentle and above all social. Can’t remember how we found J&S boxers but after writing to three breeders Jeff answered. He explained the Euro, we already had a German Rottweiler so a German boxer was high on our propriety list. Jeff took the time to meet us a a restaurant and we talked for almost two hours. I also had an opportunity to meet his mother which was a bonus. A family affair because I also became acquainted with his sister. Being in my 60’s I really did not want to make a mistake. The end result was our little girl Gabby! Healthy, house trained in 5 days, smart “rings a bell, sits and lays down on command, shakes her paw 40% of the time, great with our grandchildren, our horses, barn cats “interesting”, our house cat Moto. When she greets people she boxes – one paw at a time, so cute. She’s just 13 weeks old and our vet can’t believe how bright she is. I would highly recommend J&S Boxers and thanks Jeff. Very healthy and very entertaining.

    This past winter, our boxer passed away at the age of eleven. Since his passing, we were adamant we could not be a boxer-free household; however, we knew it would be extremely difficult to find another companion as dedicated and loyal as our boy Toby was. Since Toby was on the larger side (95 pounds), we knew we wanted our next boxer to be either of Euro or German descent. Through doing our research on these lines of boxers, as well as on established/reputable breeders, we stumbled onto Jeff’s page.

    We were very impressed with the layout of the website…from the level of detail he had for each parent with their pictures and biographies to the weekly chronicling of the puppies as they grew up to a point where they could move to their forever homes. Upon perusing the website, we realized that Emmit and Hanna had recently had a litter. As soon as we saw the adorable puppy pictures, we were on the phone with Jeff trying to reserve one. Within five minutes of talking to him, we could tell how passionate he was about his dogs and the puppies they produced. After learning all about the parents, their accolades, and how they were members of his family, we knew we had to make one of these pups ours!

    We were looking for a male and he had one left…needless to say, a deposit was placed that same day. Being from Massachusetts, we could not pick up our puppy and we had our hesitations regarding him flying cargo. Jeff quickly eased those concerns as he described his arrangement with a puppy nanny. During the next couple weeks while the puppy reached an appropriate age to come join us in Massachusetts, Jeff was in close contact with us just about every day. He sent multiple pictures of the puppy to us, worked with us to coordinate the puppy nanny flying out at our convenience, and he continued to provide feedback he thought would be helpful as we integrated the soon to be JS Mighty Atticus Boon into our family. The entire process went as seamless as it could have.

    There was never any doubt in our minds that the puppy would show up being anything less than advertised. That held true from the moment the puppy nanny exited the gate, opened his carry on kennel, and Boon started to immediately greet us with kisses. We were then handed our paperwork, multiple toys, and a bag of puppy food to get us started. We did not even make it back to the car before Jeff had texted us asking us if we had our new friend. He even told us to make sure we now continuously send him pictures so he could watch him grow up.

    Boon has only been here a short time as of now, but he won our hearts over on day one. Since joining the family, he has already learned to ring a bell to go outside to go to the bathroom. He knows sit and paw and he already enjoys going for walks. We wouldn’t change a thing about him (other than maybe the occasional dramatics he likes to display when he cannot have his way)!

    If you read Jeff’s page, or follow him on Facebook, you will see he is biased toward boxers (and rightfully so, as we are as well). So if you are looking for a boxer, I would absolutely recommend you purchase one from Jeff. And in the event you are debating which breed to go with, I can say with 100% certainty, you will not be disappointed with this breed in the least!

    Thanks again, Jeff. We really appreciate all that you did for us. From first ensuring our puppy would be healthy and well rounded to making the purchasing process and delivery as easy as it could have been!

    Joey and Steph from Central Massachusetts

    This is our second boxer, beautiful dog, we are very happy with him. Jeff is one cool guy and a great breeder ! Sent us weekly updates and pictures of the pup while we were waiting. Would highly recommend his puppies !!

    I always wanted a Boxer sence I was A little boy. Now I’m 70 years old healthy and active and still want A Boxer as my buddy.We have always had Goldens over the years ,my wife says there so loving.Do you think I can convince my wife that A Boxer can be just as loving/

    Rufus is a little over a year & a half. What a beautiful boy he is! Smart too – sometimes probably a little TOO smart (he figured out how to work the water dispenser on the fridge!). We absolutely adore him. Jeff is a dedicated breeder who cares deeply for the health of the breed. He still keeps up with us on Facebook. I would recommend J&S Boxers to anyone looking for a puppy.

    Layla just turned 6 months old and is an great boxer and a joy to be around. She is easy to train, healthy, beautiful, and loves everyone she meets. She loves going on our group dog walks on Sundays at the park with 30+ other dogs that she gets along with great. We just started going out in my boat fishing together which has been fun for both of us. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a great boxer. Thanks again Jeff for such a great and new best friend.

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